Tuesday, March 30, 2010

That Dog

Baxter. Yeah, I talk about him way too much. He's a goofball.

He has an obsession with tennis balls that I thought would get better with age. But it hasn't! Now, he not only bounces around when he figures out we're going outside to throw the ball, but he won't give up the ball when we're done playing.

I've pretty much given up on fighting him. It's either play a tug-of-war I will not win or bribe him with his current favorite treat: peanut butter. Sigh. Who's getting trained here?

Sure. he's fairly good-looking now. But he used to be so cute.

See how he was two years ago:
And now:

Yep, I think he finally grew into those ears. Not that I was really worried! He's not really quite as interested in the camera now as he was as a pup.

He hasn't been very good at stepping into the big shoes Kona the wonder corgi left behine when it comes to being a hearing dog. In fact, he's pretty much failed. When someone comes to the door, he goes to the door to greet them, forgetting all about me. Ringing phone? Forgetaboutit.

Maybe once I get my brand-spankin'-new speech processor for my cochlear implant (that's a whole 'nother blog, two years or so in the making), I can focus more on training him. In the meantime, I have no fears that he would be very protective if the occasion ever presented itself.

I have a deadline calling, and there's a plane seat with my name on it on Thursday! I will try to blog from my destination, but no promises. Pictures are sure to pop up on Facebook, though!

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