Monday, March 29, 2010

Drying Out

Things are finally drying out here! I even have my car back in my driveway (what a novel idea). I spent the last few days walking through the creek to get to my car -- the water was just at the tops of my boots. I did venture to Walmart with wet pants one afternoon. Classy.
I'm thankful for pink rubber boots, dry socks and sunshine. And ziploc bags -- for sealing up my camera when I cross the creek on foot. I learned a lot from my $200 lesson last fall and am not taking any chances when it comes to water and cameras.

The daffodils are in full bloom around here. It's pretty cool to be driving in the country and see bright clumps of daffodils springing up on old farmsteads -- even in places where a house no longer stands. The tulips and planting season aren't too far behind. The greenhouse is chock-full of gorgeous plants, and it just hit me last week that we have to plant all of them in just a few short weeks! Down here, the goal for planting is April 19. Up north, they could still get snow.

Life is good and getting busier by the minute with a social event tonight, work, a magazine deadline and -- best of all -- my upcoming long weekend in Chicago! I'm headed to Springfield this afternoon for a group dinner with a deaf group. It should be an interesting evening with good food, new friends and zero communication gaps.

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