Friday, March 19, 2010


It's spring -- according to today's weather & the calendar, at least. Ask me again tomorrow (Saturday), & you might not get the same weather or season. It's nearly 70 degrees today, but the weather forecast promises 100% chance of rain, thunder and...snow. Nice, mother nature!

I got in a great trail ride today. Even Baxter got in on the fun and he was a very good boy. He didn't even chase the cows we came across in the Bailey's pasture.

Soon, this view will be full of green. I still think it's gorgeous -- this oak tree has to be at least 100 years old.

Settling in for the nasty weather -- it means moving my perennials back inside, tucking away my seedlings in a warm spot, and curling up with books! I have a great read on my nook -- it's keeping me up late. "The Girl Who Played with Fire" is even better than the first book of the trilogy. I'm glad I discovered this Swedish author.

And if I finish the 1200-plus nook pages (entirely possible, with this weather), I have a free book to read! I never win drawings (I'm currently in the running with tens of thousands of other folks for a cherry-red KitchenAid mixer on Tasty Kitchen and a $1300 camera on Pioneer Woman, but I know I won't win either) -- but I somehow scored a free book from Doubleday via!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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