Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

May your neighbors respect you,
Troubles neglect you,
The angels protect you,
And Heaven accept you.

Whether you’re indulging in green beer or Guinness, watching a parade or eating some Irish food, I hope it’s a green day for you!

I just finished the book “An Irish Country Village,” and that Irish dialect is still rolling around in my head, so. (Sorry, one of the main characters in the book, Mrs. Kincaid, usually ended her sentences with a “so,” and I just couldn’t help myself, so.)

St. Patty’s Day is probably the only day everyone and their grandmother can get away with wearing an unflattering shade of green – and drink their lunch without professional repercussions.

I’m not doing anything special for St. Patty’s Day, other than living vicariously through others, the news and some random Facebook posts.

Everywhere you look, Irish themes are everywhere today. There’s Google’s uber-cool Celtic symbols on their home page. Cities like Chicago, NYC and Boston offer full-fledged celebrations. Kieran’s Irish Pub in Minneapolis chose yesterday as the day to move to their new location – by having a parade of 300 people led by bagpipes from the old location to the new one. I’m sure they’re doing lively business today. Ahh, I do miss some things about working in downtown Minneapolis!

I’d love to see Chicago with its green Chicago River! Or just sit in an Irish pub and soak in the atmosphere. But neither are close enough for a day trip. I’ll just have to get my Chicago fix – minus the river green – in two weeks.
Even Cake Wrecks is getting in on the fun with this classic wreck:
(how can you not know how to spell “Patrick”??)
Or this one (above). Wonder who picked up THAT cake!

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