Monday, December 15, 2008

In the Doghouse

I'm only as good as my word: I said I'd have two blogs today & here I am with the second installation.

Over the weekend, Will and I built a doghouse for Baxter. (OK, so Will did 99% of the work and was the brains behind it.)

This is not going to be just any doghouse, it's a custom-built one made to match my house! I had a ton of leftover cedar shakes from this summer's porch project. Those, plus some old tin for the roof, make a cozy home for Baxter. It's not done yet, as we ran out of time and daylight -- I will post more photos when it is completed!


Brenda O said...

OMG! I can almost picture it, can't wait to see it! We are going to buy or build a doghouse for our pupps too... e-mail me for the backstory....

Lisa said...

THAT will be one BIG doghouse! I will email ya for the deets. M