Monday, December 15, 2008

Catching Up

While I haven't been blogging, I *have* been taking photos!

Here's a catch-up for those of you who have been compulsively checking for updates.

We've had some cold weather sandwiched in between some gorgeous days. It was 67 degrees yesterday...and only 15 and snowing today! But I can't complain, as it is in the negative numbers up north.

Friday, I baked two batches of cookies. Baxter thought the Gingerbread cookies smelled *really* good, but he still didn't get any. They are supposed to be snowflakes, but they look more like flowers. Go figure. I finally found a cookie press at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago -- and it is going to get a lot of use this winter! Since we're having some cold weather today, I want to make another batch, but I'm out of butter. My waistline doesn't need more cookies, so it works out in the end.

Watch for another blog today. I can't wait to share Saturday's photos!

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