Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Days Like These...

Gotta love living in southwest lately (with apologies to my Northern readers). Tuesday was an unbelieveably perfect day: clear blue skies and temps in the 60s.

And then there's the bald eagles. Yesterday, I counted 15 of them. There were easily a dozen more that I could not confirm -- my "rule" is that I have to see a mature one with the terrific white plumage in order for it to count.

Time will tell, but there may be two or three eagle pairs nesting in Thomas Hollow. I have seen them soaring over my house three days in a row.

Eagle spotting is somewhat like whale watching. You scan the horizon, hoping to get a glimpse of this elusive species. Often, they appear when you least expect it, or when you are least prepared with the camera. And even when the camera is ready, you instead become mesmerized by their beauty.

I know how lucky I am -- some people have never even seen a bald eagle, and I get to admire them on a near-daily basis.


Brenda O said...

kewl! I have seen them when I was "up North" in Northern Minnesota, saw a handful of them in the Boundary Waters Canoe area. They are amazing, beautiful creatures. We saw several swoop down and grab the fish that Bob and TJ accidently killed while trying to catch-and-release. Nothing gets wasted in Nature!
Happy New Year!

Joni said...

We loved seeing the eagles in our travels. We last seen them on the last lake we stayed on. Seeing one come down on the lake and grab a fish is one of the most memorable experiences we have had. They are a magnificient bird! Every siting is to be cherished.