Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dreaming of a pink Christmas....

My excuse for not posting yesterday: I was working on a top-secret project & neglected to even pick up the camera.

This post is for Brenda, my fellow pinkaholic. (And the one who so kindly pointed out I didn't post a picture or a blog yesterday!)

My quest for PINK Christmas decorations is finally over. I not only found the perfect pink ornaments at Hobby Lobby yesterday, but they were half-price! And they look pretty cute on my little white, lighted tree. I tried to pose a dog by the tree, but they were pretty uncooperative -- so I will spare you from looking at yet another dog picture today.

I'm subbing for a fifth-grade class at a local school tomorrow -- wish me luck!


Brenda O said...

Yeah! This picture definitely makes up for the lack of post the day before. But what about Saturday? Or Friday? Was subbing for 5th grade so bad you are still getting over it? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah I actually have a pink tree for our work party - it's so tacky it's cute! It even has pink twinkle lights. Now I will think of you when I plug it in :)Sara

Lisa said...

Oh subbing on Friday was pretty good, actually! I was just distracted by WILL this weekend :)

Oooooh, a pink tree! Now that sounds cuuuute.