Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Homemade Holiday

Day 2 of December Daily, and I did not do a good job of taking photos today. There really wasn't anything interesting to snap!

The two-dog household is going really well! The dogs are having a ball. I must say that two dogs farting is not pleasant (although it's nowhere near as gross as my skunk-sprayed car right now), and it's much harder to keep the house clean. But it's worth it in the doubled amount of love I get in exchange!

As you can see, they are getting along famously. Baxter even "lets" Murphy on the couch -- as long as I'm not already in it.

This year, I've gotten in even deeper with handmade holiday projects. I'm branching out beyond the usual handmade Christmas cards and into some new crafts. I just finished my latest project, and since it's not a present intended for someone, I'm posting a photo.

This project was inspired by Ali Edwards. I purchased a box of vintage buttons at a garage sale this past summer, figuring I could use the buttons for a project "someday." Well, that someday was tonight. It took nearly 400 buttons and pins to complete! The photo does not do it justice. I may keep it for myself, or I may add it to the Cottage Studio page on Ozarkhandcrafts.com.


Brenda O said...

it's Wednesday the 3rd, where is your daily blog! ;-)

Lisa said...

:P it's daily PHOTO not blog hee hee hee. I slacked.