Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some like it hot...

But not me. It's hot. 94 F plus the humidity. Oh, the humidity. Even the dog wants to stay inside; as I write this, he's napping on the couch. We venture out in the morning and evenings to do yardwork; the mosquitoes here are not worth mentioning when you compare them to the gigantic ones in Minnesota!

It's a good week for local work on the horses. I've already worked on four horses and have three more later this week. I was supposed to go to the Buckskin World Show out in Tulsa this week, but did not have enough clients lined up, so I scratched that one. I do have an appointment on Thursday that I'm excited about -- I'm meeting an Arkansas vet and doing a massage demo. I'm hoping this will help me get more local clients.

I'm on a roll with indoor projects. Doing a major housecleaning, trying to reduce the amount of unnecessary junk that seems to have accumulated. Listing some items on Ebay (gotta finish paying for that car!). And I'm going full speed ahead on projects for the Art Festival, which is only two months away. I have four handmade journals/scrapbooks finished, as well as several other "secret" projects.


brenda O said...

ooooooo! Post some pics of the stuff you are doing for the art show! :-)
Sophia is finally napping next to me today (instea dof in my arms earlier) so I an type with 2 hands! Whoo hoo!

Lisa said...

I sure will! I have another blog in mind for today (Lovely weekend!!), but will share some projects.
Sounds like Sophia is being a good baby & letting mommy have her computer time. :)