Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2000 miles later...

I can't believe it's been more than two weeks since I last posted a blog! My excuse is that I was on the road & having too much fun to be online very much.

The new car is working out fantastic! Pumping gas is virtually painless now. I'm averaging 32-34 mpg, which is more than DOUBLE what I got when driving the other gas-guzzlers. I love it and definitely don't have any buyer's remorse.

On June 19, I hit the road for Chicago to see my girl Brenda.

She is having a baby -- sooner, rather than later -- so it was great to see her before she adds to her family. She and her hubby Bobby are so cute:

As of today, she's scheduled to give birth on July 8 -- a whopping two weeks earlier than planned! I wish her & Bob the best of luck with the delivery & can't wait to meet the newest Overton.

While Brenda was at work on Monday the 23rd, I went on an adventure to Chicago. Brenda lives in the cool 'burbs of Chicago, a hop & skip from the Metra commuter train. I took that to Union Station downtown, then got on the El and went to explore the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Of course I forgot my camera -- so no pics of the cool architecture. After exploring Lincoln Park, I got back on the El and went back downtown to walk up and down Michigan Avenue. I definitely got my city (and coffee and shopping) fix -- and I'm somewhat proud to report that I didn't get lost once.

After I wore out my welcome (actually, it was Baxter who wore out his welcome!), it was off to Michigan to work at the Tom Powers Futurity. This was a great show for me, business-wise. You would not know that diesel is the price it is if you attended this show -- it was bigger and better than ever. One of my clients was a reserve champion in one of the prestigious 2-year-old futurity classes.

And now I am home, balancing the checkbook, catching up with friends & sleep. And (you knew this was coming, right?) getting read for the next round of travel. Next up is Maine. With two women, two kids and 1600 miles of road, it should be interesting. I promise to be a responsible blogger.

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Brenda O said...

It was SO great to have you here! Baxter is a cutie! He definitely gets points for being brave (and maybe stupid) for challenging our 115 pound French Mastiff Hooch for his bone. Thanks for the laughs, the company and the gifts!
Have a great 4th! I look forward to hearing stories of your journey to Maine!