Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New York, New York....

Greetings from northwestern New York! We put the pedal to the metal today and made it over the Pennsylvania border & into New York. We're "roughing it" tonight in a cabin at a KOA campground that's about 400 yards away from Lake Erie. It's supposed to rain all night, so we decided not to chance getting soaked. With showers, AC and free wireless Internet, it's not really camping, but I am enjoying the fresh air as I type this.

As the trip goes on, I am creating a "Things I Learned" list, much to Joyce's chagrin. Once it reaches 10, I will post the complete list. I'm pretty sure Joyce will find some way to get back at me -- the list so far only has two items and they both relate to her.

Tomorrow's itinerary is to get through New York, Vermont and New Hampshire, and arrive at Joyce's parents' house late in the evening. We do plan a pit stop at the Ben & Jerry's factory. I'm drooling thinking about the ice cream!

That's it for today. I was going to post some photos from Lake Erie, but I'm too tired/lazy to do it today. Plus, I'm STILL waiting to hear from Brenda's hubby about Baby Overton.

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Brenda O said...

Um, pictures?!
Glad to hear of your adventures. I have none to report. I was diagnosed as very healthy on Tuesday morning, so I am supposed to keep up the partial bed rest an occasional trip to Target (seriously, Dr actually mentioned Target, in front of Bobby, I love her) and we go back in Saturday morning to check on everything again.....