Monday, July 7, 2008

Maine or Bust!

Greetings from Indiana! I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. My weekend turned out to be pretty interesting.

I am now on the road to Maine with Joyce and her two kids. We left bright & early this morning and are now in the Eastern Time Zone, still about 1,000 miles from our destination. We had one emergency potty break, and the most excitement we had was seeing Eddie Murphy.

Seriously. There was a van decked out with logos promoting the upcoming "Meet Dave" movie and it had a trailer with a larger-than-life model of Eddie Murphy's head. We waited & watched, but no other body parts came down the freeway. Talk about movie trailers!

Tomorrow, our goal is to make it to the Pennsylvania state line and camp somewhere. Wednesday we will begin acting more like tourists -- we plan to drive through the Adirondack mountain range and then on into Vermont.
I will try to blog (with photos) as the trip evolves.
Til next time! Lisa

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