Monday, August 4, 2008

Time flies

So Alisen brought it to my attention today that I haven't blogged in almost a week. It's not like I have the excuse of being busy (unless you count staying cool?) or out of town. I just haven't been motivated to sit at the computer and type!

It's been in the mid-high 90s the past few days. The only relief is to stay in the air conditioning or in the water. I've been staying occupied cleaning the house & rearranging some furniture. I moved my desk to create a cozy little reading nook, complete with a cowhide on the floor and a hand-me-down recliner in the corner.

But enough of that. I had a fabulous weekend! Saturday night was the first "Farm to Table" dinner event, created & hosted by the Wardlaw clan. It was quite a treat -- delicious food in a beautiful setting with great people. We feasted on foods made from local produce & meat: homemade bread, tomato-cucumber gazpacho, fresh green beans & baby potatoes, sweet corn on the cob, Jamaican rub chicken, deviled eggs and fresh-from-the-oven peach cobbler. I think I ate a week's worth of calories in that one sitting.

After stuffing ourselves, we were treated to a movie under the stars, literally. They had a movie screen & projector set up, so we watched "Ratatouille" as the fireflies came out. And -- as is tradition at Thomas Hollow parties -- people gathered around the fire pit to play music. I can't wait for the next dinner!

Sunday, I spent most of the day lounging in the water at the Blue Hole. It was a great way to end the weekend (thanks, Brandi, for inviting me along!).

That's the blog. Nothing super-exciting, which is fine by me, as the next couple of months are going to be busy.

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