Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I have never been so glad to be at home with no plans on a Saturday! I was in Tulsa most of the week "working" at a horse show. I use the word working lightly, as it did not go so hot as far as the number of clients. Oh well. I have to go back on Tuesday for a few days -- hopefully it will be busier.

We are having some fabulously cool August weather -- it's in the 70s. I love it. Today's only plan is to go next door to Alisen & Caleb's garden and harvest whatever is ready to eat. I have plans to make a yummy, fresh pizza for dinner. And if the muse hits, I may do some writing to flesh out an idea I had for a book.

I have an extra dog in the house this morning. Rowdy, my mom's heeler, decided to come over for an unauthorized visit. I know he was lonely, as our dear Rocky is gone, and haven't the heart to punish him this once. The boys have been uncharacteristically quiet, and I know they miss the old boy. It has not been a good year for pets in this family.

Have a great weekend!

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