Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Still waiting for the snow (and temperatures) to start falling out here. Per my friend Sara, it's still a good 30 degrees or so warmer here than it was in Minneapolis this morning. Brrrrrrrr.
Since it's chilly and icy outside, I've been spending a lot of time in the craft studio upstairs. I'm catching up on scrapbooking and some other projects. I've added to the paper stash with not one but TWO trips to two different scrapbook stores. Nothing like some fun, new paper to light that creative spark. Here's a couple of pages I've finished over the past few days:

A collage of photos from the Chicago Botanical Gardens in spring 2010. What I wouldn't give to visit their tropical garden paradise right now!
Girls night out on the same Chicago visit. Cheesy, but WAY fun.
A few shots from my garden in summer 2010. I was gone for a few weeks in June and it got a little out of control while I was gone. I'm getting excited to start planning my beds for 2011!
A chronicle of how Brenda and I kicked off 2011. Can you believe we didn't take any photos of us together or anything? Fail. Guess I'll just have to head back up Chicago way soon.

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