Friday, February 11, 2011


My heart is hurting for a friend tonight. My college roommate, Nikki, lost her husband earlier this week. I just heard about it -- via Facebook -- this afternoon. John passed away suddenly on Wednesday. He was only 45.

I was a bridesmaid in John and Nikki's wedding. They were such a cute, in-love couple, and even though we fell out of touch for a little while, we caught up with each other. Through blogs, email and of course Facebook, I got a glimpse of Nikki's incredible family. She and John kept their crazy sense of humor through 17 years of marriage, two kids, Vikings games, South Dakota winters, summer camping trips, below-zero jaunts to their new hot tub and more.

I clearly remember when Nikki came back to our apartment after Valentine's Day 1994 (I think it was 1994, but it might have been 1993) practically screaming and squealing because John had popped the question and asked her to marry him.

I can't even imagine what Nikki is going through right now. My heart skipped a beat and the tears fell when I read the news. John had just celebrated his 45th birthday. And Nikki's story is coming around full circle as she has to say goodbye to him on Valentine's Day, the day that was supposed to be a celebration of their love and their engagement.

My thoughts & prayers are with Nikki and her family as they say goodbye to a wonderful man. May God bless you and wrap his arms around you and give you some comfort, love and strength. And Godspeed, John.

Hug the ones you love. You just don't know if it might be the very last time.

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