Friday, October 8, 2010

Livin for the weekend!

Yeah for Fridays! Especially when you've put in a full week of work and are done in the early afternoon hours! I'm planning on doing some reading in the sunshine on the patio. It's nearly 80 degrees today -- in October. The same is forecast for tomorrow.
It's going to be a football weekend! I'm heading to an elementary school game Saturday to watch a friend's kid play. Bringing the camera to see what kind of action shots I can capture. It should be fun. The Razorbacks will be playing at Texas A&M at the same time, so I might have to check the score on the Crackberry once in a while.
And then there's the Vikings! I have to wait impatiently until Monday Night Football for that, though. We got Randy Moss #84 back from the Patriots, and Vikingland is rejoicing! Can't wait to see what kind of magic Favre and Moss can make together.
I listed a few horseshoes on Etsy yesterday, with several more on their way. I am trying to stock up on inventory for Christmas, since I sold almost everything at the Art Celebration a few weeks ago.

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