Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yep, it's officially fall! I winterized a few things around the house today. You know -- fun stuff. Blocked off the crawl space, cleaned the furnace filter, and thought about the fact that I really should try to weather-seal the windows in the laundry room. And dragged the heater into the bathroom, which is THE coldest room in the whole house.

That reminds me--I still need to move some plants off my patio before tonight's predicted frost! Nothing like procrastinating.

And I turned on the furnace this afternoon. 58 degrees was a little too chilly for me--my typing fingers got cold.

We're well on our way to winter. I'm disappointed by this every year. Time for some hot tea -- maybe with some peach schnapps in it for a little kick.

This morning on the way to town, there were some deer in the road. I tried to take a picture with the camera phone, but I wasn't fast enough. But I got this instead:

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