Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day

One of my favorite things about relocating from central Minnesota to southwest Missouri is the fact that the snow that falls on "snow days" is gone fairly quickly. Sure, it turns into m-u-d, but the temperatures are much more mild than Minnesota. (The temperatures are supposed to dip into the low teens tonight, but we won't talk about that.)

Today we had a gorgeous snowfall. And the best part was that it was warm enough to melt the snow almost as quickly as it fell.
Peaceful, no?
Well, it was, until Baxter went crazy. Apparently, there was something outside that wasn't supposed to be there. Two-legged or four-legged, if you don't belong on my property, Bax will give you the what-for. I looked out the window, and something was creeping down the road:
Fella was not happy to see me. (I left a very put-out Baxter in the house when I went out to investigate.) It looked like a young raccoon just going for a stroll. When he saw me, he scooted up to the safety of a tree.

I thought he was kinda cute. But my friend Joyce, whose husband got in a dueling match with one last summer (Jaime, just hand over the hot dogs next time!), and neighbor Alisen, who lost a duck recently to one of the neighborhood predators, disagree with me.

Must run. House is on!

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