Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Blahs

It happens every year: February Blahs. I don't think it matters what part of the country you live in, everyone's susceptible to them.

I'm no exception: I've been struck down by "The Death" (as my chica Sara so lovingly called it) for about two and a half weeks. I finally dragged myself to the doctor today and came home with a Z-Pack and a new supply of kleenex and Nyquil. I'm hoping to feel like I belong back among the living soon. The weather is going to warm up for the weekend and I need a hefty dose of Vitamin D.

We've had more cold weather and snow here than is usual for Missouri this winter. I'm certainly not complaining, as I missed the worst of it by spending six weeks in the Arizona sunshine.

But! The weather forecasters are teasing us with temperatures in the forties as early as tomorrow. Surely, spring can't be terribly far away, can it? We need some color other than brown and white around here.

The neighbor's goats are popping out. (What's that called, anyhow? For horses, it's foaling, calfing, for cows.... Oh YEAH, kidding. That's the cold medication fogging my vocabulary.)

And I spied this in one of my flower beds the other day:

Yes! The daffodils are on their way!

The tulips can't be far behind. (Here, I cheated -- this is a photo from 2009.)
Soon, the dogwoods will be blooming, and winter will be forgotten. So, hang in there!

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