Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bye, February!

So happy to be bidding February farewell! Although it means the end of the Olympics (I have not watched this much TV in a long time), it also means good things are coming!
  • 31 days to Chicago grrrls weekend
  • Daytona Bike Week is in full swing. I'm living this vicariously through more than half a dozen people.
  • Warmer weather! It looks like March is coming in like a lamb. Is that good or bad? Time will tell. My propane tank gauge is slowly inching down...65%...55%...45%...34%....
  • Time to get back on the horses. Went for a great ride in Flag Springs yesterday with Janet & her husband. The new mare was simply incredible. I love her! Too bad she's not mine.
  • I now have five days to write a bang-up freelance article on a local restaurant. What began a month ago as a leisurely timeframe has suddenly become a looming deadline, due to what I can only call unforeseen circumstances.
  • Gardening time -- I got to work in the greenhouse last week and really enjoyed it. My green thumb is beginning to itch. Time will tell if I can keep up the flowerbeds in MY yard when I spend time working on other people's gardens. We'll see if that is inspiring or tiring.
  • 31 days left on my Lent resolution. Brenda kindly reminded me that chocolate is not part of my diet.

That's what I'm looking forward to this month. Can you say Spring Fever?

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