Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Here's Your Sign

It's no secret that I'm a news junkie. I always have been, but keeping up with the news really became a habit in college because of the random news quizzes that popped up in my mass communications classes. Now, years later, with online newspapers and blogs galore, I can read to my heart's content and satisfy my curious mind.

And then there's Facebook. Today a friend put up a link to a website I've never seen before -- -- and the blog that came up had me both laughing and scratching my head.

If you watch the news at all, you might be somewhat familiar with Westboro Baptist Church and Fred Phelps of Kansas. No? Don't feel bad if you don't recognize the name. You'll probably recognize it once you read about their activities.

This self-proclaimed "church" (despite their name, they are not affiliated with any mainstream Baptist convention) is notorious for its protest activities, hatred of gays and stomping the American flag. Not a laughing matter, especially when you consider their anti-American activities include picketing funerals of soldiers. The list goes on. And on. You name it, Westboro and Phelps will probably protest it. They supposedly have a $250,000-a-year budget for their protests. And a law firm to deal with the ensuing lawsuits.

But here's what made me laugh. Last week, the group went to San Francisco to protest at Twitter headquarters and quite a few other San Francisco landmarks, including the Golden Gate Theatre. They got a little more than they bargained for from the great people of San Fran -- counter-picketing that was just as subtle and sane as theirs.

Westboro's signs are, well, hateful:
(Do you really want to know what a "bitch burger" is? I'm afraid to Google that one.)

The lovely folks of San Francisco countered with signs like these:

Yeah. The Donuts one is my favorite! It made me giggle.

Where were these folks when we discussed First Amendment rights in Mass Comm Law? I would love to bend Ellen Mrja's ear about this one.

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Stephanie said...

so funny! i need to come to your blog more often!