Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am alive! I've just been a slacker when it comes to blogging lately. It's been busy here in the hollow lately. The weather's turning toward fall & I love it. We've had quite a bit of rain (as my roof can testify, unfortunately).

I spent Labor Day weekend in Springfield, Illinois, at the AMA Flattrack races with my Dad. It was awesome! They held the Mile on both Sunday & Monday (Monday's race was to make up for the rained-out Memorial Day weekend event). both races were nail-biters all the way to the finish. Kenny (Coolbeth) won Sunday's race and was thisclose to beating Carr again on Monday.

I'm a lucky girl: I get to be in the pits for these races. Gotta love it!

This past week has been all about preparing for two upcoming festivals: the Walnut Valley Festival (or simply: Winfield) and the Thomas Hollow Art Celebration. I'm super-excited about both.

I'm also cow- and dog-sitting for my mom, who's out of town on another adventure. We have three cows due to calve -- but no babies yet. In fact, it's the pup that is turning out to be more of a pain -- he keeps coming over to my house, which is more than a mile away! Right now, he's at my house for the evening -- so I have two sets of brown eyes on me. It's some much-needed adoration.

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