Friday, September 12, 2008

Po-tay-to, Pah-ta-toh

Yea, right. You bet. No problem. I STILL say these Minnesota two-word sentences on a near-daily basis. I seem to have hung on to my Minnesota twang -- which is better than Redneck-speak, right?

A few weeks ago I was talking with Alisen about how hard it is for some people to understand certain things I say. For example: ordering drinks at a bar! I absolutely cannot order either a Rolling Rock or a vodka sour. Bartenders don't get the first one -- even with copious hand gestures. The second -- I somehow end up with a COKE and vodka. Huh!? WTF? (For the record, they aren't too bad, but are better if it's vanilla vodka.)

My second issue is with the word "BAG." Three letters...shouldn't be so hard to pronounce, right? Well, it turns out I'm saying it with a long 'a' as heard in the word "space": BAAYG) instead of a soft 'a' (as in "rat": BAHG). Huh.

Here's the scenario: I'm on the road and need a BAAYG of ice. Of course, I pick a gas station that has the ice chest outside, so you have to ask the cashier for a BAAYG of ICE.
Me: "I also need a BAAYG of ice."
Cashier: (blank look, as if I am speaking tongues or a foreign language)
Me: "You know, ice. Frozen water?" (pointing outside for effect)
Cashier: (still freaking confused)
Me: "Ice. A BAAYG of ice."
Cashier: "Ohhh yeah. Okay." (gives me a weird look)

So after that conversation, I asked for a BAHG of ice the next time. Worked like a charm. Thanks, Al!

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