Sunday, September 14, 2008

Slept through the whole thing...

If there's one advantage to being deaf, it's that I can sleep through almost any storm. (Um, that might be a hazard!)

Apparently, Ike's deluge went over the hollow around 5 or 6 this morning. I had two fearless but tired pups in bed with me & they didn't wake me up, so it must not have been that bad. Despite staying up late for SNL last night (Tina Fey was dead-on with her Palin impression. I almost fell off the couch laughing.), I woke up at 6:45, looked out the window and thought: hey! it isn't even raining.

At least, not then. We were all shocked when we went to the front door to go potty (the DOGS, people, the dogs!) and saw that the creek was over the banks and flowing through the hollow road.

If anyone sees a plastic green Adirondack chair floating down Mike's creek -- it's mine & I want it back.

And if you were coming to my house for dinner tonight, you might wanna rethink those plans.

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