Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A watched pot never boils

I seem to be having a lot of kitchen-related issues lately. Leaving the water running so it overflows on the kitchen floor. Stabbing myself in the thumb and needing stitches (but waiting too long to go get it stitched up).

Today I put on some water to boil for tea, got distracted and boiled that kettle dry. I wandered upstairs and got wrapped up on a project in-progress in the art studio. Baxter never told me a thing – not a good sign for a dog that I am training to be a hearing-ear dog.

Especially when he has ears like these:
One of the three mishaps is a hazard of deafness. But all three were really due to distraction. Or maybe the universe is trying to tell me to stay out of the kitchen?

I hope not! I have some baking to do for Sunday’s Easter brunch. I think I will make something that doesn’t involve sharp knives, and stay in the kitchen until everything is complete. No distractions.

Tonight, I am heading to Alisen’s for some much-needed conversation, tea and crafts. Lucky for me, she lives right next door and I can just walk over – no raging rivers or washed-out roads to deal with.


BrendaBee said...

Oops! Silly Lisa! Good luck with the baking... Though with that, you'll be able to smell when its ready! :-) Happy Easter!

Lisa said...

I want to make some carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! But I am going to go with something healthier, I think. Happy Easter!