Sunday, March 23, 2008

A visit from the Easter bunny

I got beer from the Easter bunny this year!

Today was the annual Easter brunch & egg hunt at my next-door neighbor’s house. The kids were so excited (one in particular!) that I "barricaded" the door so the kids didn’t get outside while the eggs were being hidden in the yard.

Once the kids were turned loose, they did a great job finding the eggs.

Even Nevis got in on the fun, guarding (and eating!) a hot-pink egg.
There was also the famous Beer Hunt: 18 beers were hidden throughout the yard for the adults. I’m proud to say I kept the hunt title in the family, collecting five beers.

Caleb did such a good job hiding the beer that several bottles were still hidden when we all gave up the hunt. (Either that or he hid them somewhere only he would be able to find them!)

Happy Easter!


BrendaBee said...

Nice! I like that adult twist to the Easter egg hunt... I am going to remember that for my future Easters.... :-)

Lisa said...

I like it, too! Everyone brings beers to be hidden. It gets pretty competitive, too.