Monday, March 31, 2008

Redneck Woman

I horrified one of my city friends today when I sent her a text message wishing her a happy Monday.

See, I don’t have cell service at my house. She has a Blackberry, and if I were a betting woman, I would say she is getting an alert to this blog as soon as I post it.

I can tell you exactly where to stand or park so you can get a measly two bars near my house: Hike up the hollow behind my house, take a right at the top of the hill, walk another quarter-mile or so until you see the green and tan horse barn. Head to the doors on the east side and face south. Voila: Cell service. Usually.

I have to be creative about retrieving and sending text messages when I’m home, and I tend to go on a text binge when I am somewhere with wireless service. Hence, I sent a message to Brenda when I was in “the city” this morning.

Brenda and I used to work together at a marketing firm in Minnesota. Although we’ve both moved on to different states and occupations, we remain fast friends. She’s the most positive, bubbly person I know. That is, when she’s not being a smart-aleck.

We often debate the merits of country life versus city living. Although Brenda now lives in a suburb of Chicago, she grew up on a farm in Minnesota, so she’s no stranger to country life.

But still, she claims that I am slowly becoming a redneck! Of course, I don’t really help my case sometimes. The last time I went to visit her in Chicagoland, there was a little episode involving a cute little plastic glass from Target. In my defense, a) I’d had two martinis and b) my friend Nikki has the exact same glasses at her house – except they light up and blink! Evidently, I don’t get to Target enough lately.

City life does indeed have its merits:
*Mail, road and garbage service runs like clockwork. When we had flooding two weeks ago, we had no mail for two days. The culvert that washed away in that flood has still not been repaired. The garbageman didn’t show up today because the road was flooded again.

*You don’t have to plan your trips to town around whether or not the road will be flooded over the low-water bridges.

*There’s usually a Target or Starbucks within a 20-mile radius of your house.

*You don’t usually have a bird build a nest by your front door, then proceed to fly into the house, around the house and everywhere except out the window, despite five different open windows, two people chasing and one cat hunting.

I could go on, but I won’t. For those of you worried about my sanity, I am being sarcastic here.
I want to see what Brenda comes up with on her blog, as she said she was going to continue our City vs. Country blog duel.

And I can’t wait to visit her in July!


BrendaBee said...

Ha! Love your blog as always!
for the record, I did not receive an update to my blackberry when you posted that, I haven't signed up for that notification yet. I must figure it out!
I need to think about my revised country/city blog. Since I am 5 months preggers, I am going to have to add on something about there being 3 hospitals within 15 miles....

Lisa said...

Yea, and you were almost the first 5-month-prego woman to find out she was having twins! hee hee. That was a great one -- must be included in the baby book.