Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Where has the week gone? I was so focused on "the horse" Monday and Tuesday that today has been a bit of a letdown.

I showed "Harley," my 4-year-old gelding, to some prospective buyers on Tuesday. Non-horse people have no idea how much preparation (and nerves!) go into something like this. Harley was a complete prince -- he ate up all the attention from the couple who was looking at him.

But they are going to pass on buying him: he's too mellow.
I guess, if you have a problem with your horse, that is a good one to have.
OH, well. Onward.

Today was still spent with the horses, as the farrier finally made it out for an overdue shoeing session. Around here, good farriers are like gold.

We are still cleaning up from the January 2007 and 2008 ice storms, and today was another day of labor and burn piles. It's going to be time to have someone handy with a chainsaw come up and cut up some of the bigger limbs. I draw the line at using a chainsaw -- I already have enough issues (and scars!) from knives. It feels like this is a project that will never end. On the bright side, I am getting in a lot of weight-training work!

Tomorrow is another day: pulling up fence posts is on the agenda. It's not as labor-intensive as it sounds, thanks to the handy-dandy post puller "thingy."
This is one of those times I miss the city life!

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