Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

You have to love snow days around here--especially when you have no plans to go anywhere! It's an excuse to be somewhat lazy, do some cleaning, work on a craft project or two, bake some biscotti, drag the sore body onto the elliptical for an easy workout. Wait, that doesn't sound like a lazy day. It was pretty productive. I did a (seemingly easy and painless) kettlebell workout Sunday afternoon and I am feeling it today. It hurts so good.

I've found my creative spark again! Have a new horseshoe in the making, with lime and orange beading on copper wire. (It's prettier than it sounds.) I finished a pink & white heart project today and am starting on making a binder to house my recipe printouts, which are getting out of control. I need to do something to boost my horseshoe sales on Etsy -- it's probably time to up the inventory and pay for a showcase exposure.
My new stand mixer has made itself right at home in my kitchen. I gave in and put it to work today and mixed up a batch of biscotti. I'm playin around with a recipe that was originally a cranberry-almond biscotti. This time around, I left the almonds out and added in orange zest. They turned out pretty good, but could use a little more of a citrus kick. I'm thinking of adding some orange juice concentrate next time (instead of the vanilla). I also have a chocolate swirl banana bread recipe I'm drooling over and waiting to try. Oh, the calories!
Stay warm out there!

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