Friday, January 14, 2011

The Grrrls with the Pearl Earrings

Today was a pearl earring day! See, there's four of us girls who own the same pair of pearl earrings, and when one of our group needs some extra long-distance support, good luck, karma, well-wishes or what-have-you, we all wear our earrings.

These gorgeous earrings came all the way from Manila, Philippines. One of our grrls fought and survived a brain aneurysm in September 2009 and was on her first trip overseas since the aneurysm when she found the earrings in a Manila market. She picked up an extra three pairs as gifts for her sister, who passed a pair to me and another girlfriend. Even though we're spread over three different states and only get to see each other a few times per year, the earrings keep us close.

They have superpowers. Really. Today, the girl we wore them for got a new job! I may have to start wearing mine every day because of the good things they do. It's just a great example of how important our girlfriends are.

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