Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Picture This

When I was visiting Brenda in Chicago, she sparked the idea of a photography workshop as a way for me to sharpen and broaden my photography skills. I have the camera, the desire, the occasional (lucky) talent, so why not pursue it a little more? The only photography training I ever had was a photojournalism class in college--what feels like a lifetime ago. And I don't count that one as training, per se, because we were basically told to go out and DO, and the only thing I remember from the class itself was the frustration of scrambling to complete assignments and fumbling around in the darkroom.

I've fallen in love with this photographer. Or rather, his photographs!
Dave Stoecklein
Photographing landscapes, horses, the western lifestyle and cowboys? Now that's a dream job right there. I would love to attend the upcoming Weatherford, Texas, (cutting horse country!) workshop of his, but between the $1500 price tag on a weekend workshop and the guaranteed communication issues, I don't see that happening.

Then Brenda sent me info on nature photography classes at the Morton Arboretum. For the cost of an Arboretum membership and a relatively minimal class fee, I could take classes on harnessing changeable light, closeup, and advanced compositions (think Ansel Adams). Time to start saving up again and make these dreams into reality! Brenda's pretty good at twisting my arm to go visit her in Chicagoland.

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