Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have eau de wet dog in the house this morning. While I could light my new Heirloom Rose candle (the only thing I can afford at Pottery Barn!), I'm letting it go for now. We finally got the rain that has been threatening for several days. And of course I had an outdoor activity planned.

My table looked like this yesterday:

Since I sold so many horseshoes in the past week or so, I needed to increase inventory for this weekend's Spring Fling in Stella. While I only have five finished horseshoes to take with me, I'm hoping to get some custom orders and maybe even sell a few more. That is, if it stops raining. I'm watching the radar, and the rain blob is ever-so-slowly moving east!

If all else fails, I can always pick out a recipe from my new Pioneer Woman cookbook and do some high-caloric baking. The cinnamon rolls are pretty tempting.

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