Saturday, May 31, 2008


Anyone want a 7-month-old lunatic? Baxter is reaching the terrible teens, and no amount of exercise is going to resolve it -- only time & discipline. We had a fabulous time at Creekside yesterday with Joyce and the kidlets. Baxter played fetch with Liam, swam, made buddies with a Golden, and herded Jonah. I was so proud.

Then we went home and Baxter ran away from home with one of the neighbor's dogs while I was weed whipping. While he DID come back after I walked up the road yelling for him, he is grounded. No yard freedom unless I can give him my full attention.

But that's not the end of our evening adventures. No, Ma'am. In bed reading late at night, fans going & all the windows was hot, but not hot enough for the AC. Something must have been on the porch, because Baxter went all Kung Fu Panda and took off -- ripping the screen from the bottom corner. When he came back, he was relegated to his kennel for the night.

Thank goodness for Duct Tape.
So far: Baxter 2, House 0. (1 gigantic hole in a King size foam mattress, 1 ripped patio screen)

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