Monday, May 5, 2008

For the Birds

Taking a break from Baxter's rigorous "Ultimate Frisbee Championship" training....
My yard is going to the birds this spring. It all started with a rather simple birdfeeder and some birdseed. That simple setup has morphed into some cool birds at the feeder, a couple weekend purchases of wacky yard ornaments, and the realization that I'm probably going to have to start buying birdseed or sunflower seeds in bulk if I want to keep up with the birds. Whoever came up with "eats like a bird" (or whatever that saying is) didn't have a clue.

I've had some indigo buntings at the feeder gorging themselves:
I've also spotted some goldfinches, a wren, and the omnipresent sparrows.

Over the weekend's craft fair and garage sale expeditions, I got two new items for the yard:
The metal flower is a suet feeder. The chicken is metal also -- the easiest rooster ever, guaranteed not to attack little kids. (He looks right at home in the hollyhocks!)

I also have a bird nest right at my front door. The babies hatched sometime in the last few days, and today I peeked in the nest and took a few pictures. They aren't really photo-friendly just yet, but are cute nonetheless.

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