Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bird Dog

So, RIP baby birdies.... Baxter caught and crunched on the mama bird the other night. I neglected to warn my Dad about the bird nest at the front door (even though he reads this blog!), and the bird flew in the house. End of that one.

It's a mellow weekend here. As I write this, we are under a tornado watch, but seem to be on the south end of the storm front. I have to admit that I freaked out a little bit and went over to the neighbor's for a few minutes. False alarm.

Even though I don't have a basement to cower in, I have to confess that I would not be heartbroken if a tornado damaged my kitchen and bathroom LOL.

I am starting to count down the days until I hit the road. I head to St. Louis May 21 to work at a show for a few days. It's shaping up to be a great show, and I am so ready to get out of the hollow for a while.


Brenda O said...

Poor birdies!!!
Have safe travels tomorrow! Less than 1 month till you come see us!!!

Lisa said...

Yes! I am counting the days! I just hope Baxter is a cooperative boy in hotel rooms LOL.

Brenda O said...

You can always do what we did: If we were worried about one of the dogs being naughty in the hotel while we were gone, we locked them in the bathroom with their blanket.... ;-) Just make sure you remove the bath soap. We came back once and sugar had EATEN THE SOAP. And left the wrapper. That's how I knew she did it, otherwise, I would have been non-the-wiser! Good luck!

Lisa said...

LOL! Did she poop bubbles, too? I actually have a portable crate that he will be lockd in...did I tell you that he ate my bed? SIGH. Little Baxturd.