Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the making

Here we go! As I write this, the polls in two states have just closed. The long wait to see who makes history as our next President-Vice President duo is officially down to just a few hours.

Here in our little corner of Missouri, we made our way to the voting place -- and found it bustling. Usually, you can walk right in, check in and vote without seeing any of your neighbors. Not this fall: people had to wait for their turn to vote and it was standing room only in the community center. I didn't even fill out my ballot in a private voting booth -- and neither did several other voters. I think we were all too excited to wait for a seat at one of the three booths available!

I rode to the poll with my neighbor Alisen. There, we ran into almost everyone from the hollow at the community center. I don't know if Huxley quite grasps how historic this year's election is -- but I think he will remember it in the years to come.

Who knows where any of us will be four years -- or even four hours -- from now? At this moment in time, I think we were all proud to say we voted -- even if our favored candidate doesn't win tonight.

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