Thursday, November 27, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving! Here we are again, at the tail end of November. Where does the time go? I must confess that I have had a pleasant distraction over the past few weeks, and the time has flown.

This time of year, it's always nice to take a moment and reflect on the months that have gone by. My friend Brenda has a quote of the day e-mail list & she always sends out a list of what she is thankful for -- and asks her readers to tell her what we are grateful for, as well.

Here's my list:
1-- My family & friends, both near & far. You all are the greatest!
2-- Baxter -- even if he is a rascal sometimes
3-- Good books, Netflix and my crafts (Yea, I am showing my nerdiness)
4-- Ozark Organic Wine. I'm uncorking a bottle today!
5-- The new person in my life. I am so lucky to have met him.

That's my top 5. What's yours?

And I must run -- the bread in the oven is done & there are places to go and people to see!

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