Thursday, November 20, 2008


I had to double-check my calendar, but we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet. So WHY did I see so many Christmas lights, trees and displays on my drive home from Oklahoma City last night?

Seriously, folks. It's bad enough that the big-box retailers shove their cheap plastic decorations and Christmas merchandise down our throats the day after Halloween. But for people to string up Christmas lights and set up their Christmas trees in their front windows? And for a city to not only put up their town decorations, but also to light them? It seems to take away the wonder and novelty of the Christmas spirit and fantasy.

Trust me, I love Christmas decorations as much as the next person -- but decorating before we've even set the table for Thanksgiving seems like a cardinal sin. I'm counting the days until I can pack up the few fall/Thanksgiving items I have and pull out the sparkly, glittery, shiny Christmas decorations and decorate. And I'm looking forward to being able to set up my Christmas tree properly this year -- instead of setting it up on a chair so a curious, tiny puppy doesn't try to climb it.

But I'm waiting 'til the Sunday after Thanksgiving to do it. How about you?


Brenda O said...

Decorations.... we have never been big into decorating. I have a live evergreen (like a real live tree, in a pot) that sometimes gets a string of lights. Also, the old guy we bought our first house from left us an old artificial tree in the basement. So every couple years we take that out and decorate it. Now that Sophia is here, we will be sure to decorate it. My guess is we will get to it sometime Thanksgiving weekend..... But first I need to put the wine glasses away from the Wine Party 2 months ago...

Lisa said...

Ohhh yeah, Sophia will LOVE the shiny things! :)