Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A new perspective

It's definitely spring here in the Ozarks. The first tulip bloomed on Sunday!

I was bitten by the yardwork/landscaping bug this weekend. I spent all day Saturday weeding and prepping flowerbeds. The tulips are up, and the hollyhocks and purple coneflowers are working their way toward blooming.

I was even more ambitious on Sunday.
I've never really liked my patio. While it's big and roomy, it was all closed in with lattice and cedar shakes. You couldn't appreciate the view, very little sun would get in, and it just felt claustrophobic. Notice I'm using the past tense?

It was my dad's idea to take down the lattice and several rows of the cedar shakes. Armed with a ladder, drill and some determination, I set out Sunday morning to semi-demolish my patio.

The end result:

While it needs a coat of paint or sealer on the supports and some trim at the top of the shakes, I think it looks much, much better. And the light that comes into the kitchen is a bonus. Plus, now I have a great sunset view:

(Note the spiffy Christmas lights. No redneck comments, please!)

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