Friday, April 11, 2008

Box of Sunshine

The baby chicks are here! Early, and in cold, windy weather.

After quite a few logistical gymnastics, Alisen, Caleb and Huxley got the chicks home, all 200 of them. They now have hundreds of fuzzy, peeping chicks under heat lamps in their front porch. The porch is their temporary home, since we are getting near-freezing temps the next couple of nights.

Here's the box of sunshine:

And a cutel lil peep:

But don't get too attached to these -- they are going to be true free-range chickens featured at a dinner table near you. Yum.

Check out the Tributary Farm blog for even better pictures:

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Brenda O said...

Speaking of cute chicks....
Sorry I haven't checked your blog for a few days... headaches... but better now!

Hope that river has died down so you can walk over to Alison's for some BEER! Have 2 for me! :-)