Monday, June 1, 2009


Here we are on June 1! Time absolutely flies.

May went by so fast, I have to look at my calendar and pictures to see where it went. I spent a week out in California, visiting my friend Jessica. It's beautiful out there. The redwood forest, the ocean, her rose farm...I got some great photos. This one's my favorite:

Yes, I know I need to PhotoShop out the car mirror in the lower left-hand corner! (You didn't notice it until now, did you?)

I also got to try an Olallieberry pie. I've never heard of this berry before (it's a cross between a loganberry & a youngberry, each of which is a cross between a blackberry and another berry -- confused yet?). Deee-lish. Jessica and I also went to a tourist trap called the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. Despite living in SC for several years, she'd never been there. We decided to go out there on a whim and check it out. It was...far out. I'm not sure how much of it was an optical illusion, but there is something going on there. I went in a skeptic and came out a believer.

Blogspot is giving me photo-posting grief. More photos later!!

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