Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother Nature

Mother Nature has once again played a trick on me!

Living in "the holler" -- aka Thomas Hollow -- has taught me a thing or two about the power of Mother Nature. Especially in the springtime, one must stay aware of what she has in store for us. My house is bordered by two, no make that three, low water bridges. When "the creek" is up, I can get stranded. Usually, this isn't a huge deal, but when you have a non-refundable and non-changeable airline ticket to California, it's flip-out time.

It started raining on Thursday. By Sunday, we had so much rain that the Thomas Hollow crossing was just barely passable. It probably wasn't exactly safe to cross, but quite a few people did. They say the rule of thumb is that six inches of water can wash away a car. I think the creek was a little higher than that on Sunday! Since the forecast called for more rain through Monday, I was worried that the main highway was going to flood & I would not be able to get out for my Tuesday flight.

This is what it can look like when it floods in the hollow! [Photo is from April 2008 -- that's my mailbox and front steps!]

So I "evacuated" to a friend's house to play it safe.

Wouldn't you know that Monday morning brought semi-sunny skies?

I've committed to helping my friend out with her kids this afternoon & making them dinner. I may still slink back home tonight, if the creek is low enough for my car to make the crossing. And if there isn't more rain in the forecast.

I know I worry and think way too much, and there are a few folks snickering. But hey! I'm goin' to Califonia -- come hell or high water.

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Brenda O said...

OMG! Well, better safe than sorry! Enjoy your day today, and I will think about you tomorrow whilest you are on your way to sunny CA!

As for a trip up here. Stacy tuned. My sister and her BF just bought a house, they close in June, so I am heading up there for a long weekend to help her pack and move....