Saturday, February 18, 2012

7 months later....

Hello! It's been a while. More than 7 months, actually. Life's been a fabulous whirlwind since my last blog post! I'm now settled in at the new address, complete with new driver's license for me and dog license for Baxter. It's been a complete lifestyle change for both of us. City living has been treating us very well and I can't believe I've been here for 3 1/2 months already!

A super-quick recap:
*Still running -- have a 3-mile run planned for tomorrow!
*Survived my 1-week volunteer adventure at Camp Barnabas.
*Finally made it to the TT races in Peoria (and got in a nice visit with Aunt Nancy).
*Got to see my beloved (and beleaguered) Minnesota Vikings play in Kansas City at the beginning of October.
*Packed up and moved to the Chicago suburbs!
*Rediscovered the joy of newspaper and pizza delivery, Starbucks around the corner, Target a skip and a hop away, gym membership, perpetual cell phone service, and tons more lovely things.
*Found out I remember how to drive in the snow and ice -- although this winter has been incredibly mild and we've really only had two measurable snowstorms.
*Tried showshoeing and didn't fall down!
*Checked out Cirque du Soleil -- Quidam. Amazing.

That's the supersonic, condensed list of highlights. More to come, complete with photos, I promise.

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