Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello, April!

April's come in with sunshine and warm temperatures. I finally got to cross off a big item from my to-do list: finish a semi-new flowerbed.
I've neglected this spot in the front yard -- closest to the road -- for years. An old bed with just wild irises, I never really weeded it or made it into an actual bed with borders. Until today!
Here's the before, with the layout marked out so I could see what it could be. There were a LOT of overgrown, crowded irises in there. And weeds.
And now here it is with the irises (mostly) thinned out and spread around. I found yet another bunch of tulip bulbs that needed to be planted, and those are in there -- they should do well in the spot.
I'll probably put in a bunch of zinnias and four o'clock mix, as those love the full sun.
I suppose that now that it's April 2, I should sit down and finish my taxes. Fun.

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