Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drying Out

Above ^^^ the west creek crossing.
We survived the floods! Surprisingly, the water did not get much higher than in the video I posted on Monday. We got a lot of rain -- I'm not sure what the "official" measurement was, but it was around 10 inches.

Today, the sun is shining and everything is drying out. The creek is calming and receding -- the low-water crossings were crossable via pickup yesterday (although I would not have driven my car over any of them!). I even hitched a ride to town to pick up the May issue of Connection magazine, drop off some photos at the newspaper office, get my bones cracked at the chiropractor and stock up on coffee and other necessities at Walmart.

I've been busy putting things back in order -- moving drenched plants into the sun so they can get rid of some water, filling the birdfeeder, re-planting my azalea. I ran out and dug it up during the rains because the water was threatening to come up and drown it. Yes, I am a wee bit paranoid.

Some more photos of the flooding: Above^^^water overflow from the creek into Thomas Hollow Road, just east of my house.
Above^^^the overflow coming down the hill behind my house, through the pasture and into the road.
Above^^^Thomas Hollow Road (flooded) on the right, the creek on the left!
Above^^^the east creek crossing -- the debris marks how high the water came up.
Above^^^Baxter in place (for scale, you know) at the east creek crossing. Note how the concrete has shifted. Not sure how bad it is on the far side. Surprisingly, the county road department was out fixing the crossing early Wednesday morning!

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