Thursday, October 2, 2008

This country life...

This has been one of those weeks where I again question my decision to live in the sticks! While we have been having some gorgeous fall weather, I have been missing the "city" aspect of life. And I'm scared I'm slowly becoming a country bumpkin.

Nowhere was it more evident when I took my annual trip to town (JUST KIDDING) for errands on Wednesday. Here's how it went:

*Decided to drive the "back way" to town. Since I bought my new car in June, I haven't been going this way because I don't want to mess my car up. I guess I forgot that the people who drive out there are usually hard core rednecks in pickup trucks who can't tell the difference between the right side of the road and the left. I went home a different way.

*Driving through the town that's listed on my voting card (even though it's further away from my house than three other towns), there's a handmade sign in a residental area that says "Knife Sale." Um, no thanks.

*Unless you drive to Rogers, the most exciting place to shop nearby is the WalMart. At least we have a SuperCenter. I need a Target, Lowes and Barnes & Noble fix. Not to mention Starbucks -- a Pumpkin Spice latte is calling my name.
*I can only use my cell phone when I actually "go to town." Then, I become a texting goddess, catching up with as many friends as I can.

Dear God, have I become a country girl? That's what I asked myself this morning -- as I walked "down the road a ways" to see if I could find a runaway Baxter.

Next Friday, I will get a "vacation" from all this, as I head to Columbus, Ohio, for a two-week work stint. Traffic. Lines. Drive thrus. Whole Foods! Target! Bookstores! Maybe even some new shoes, now that I think about it.

{Footnote for readers who don't know me: I AM being somewhat sarcastic here. I love this beautiful slice of land. It just gets a bit isolated sometimes.}


Brenda O said...

Enjoy your "city" life while you are out!!!

I do want to see your Hollow in the fall sometime! When I saw it in the dead of winter is was still pretty!

Hope to see you in a few weeks on your "way back"


Lisa said...

YES, October is actually our fall. The leaves are just starting to change color here.

I'm planning on coming up for that weekend one way or another -- I can't WAIT to see you and Ms Sophia!!