Tuesday, June 29, 2010

East Coasting

Home sweet home! I finally have my yard and some writing deadlines mainly under control. I have two articles due for the August issue of the magazine, so I've been swamped with research, interviews and emails. Some things do have to take priority over blogging for free.

My favorite part of the Maine trip, besides the yummy lobster, was our visit to Peaks Island. My house would fit right in there. And the landscaping...oh, the landscaping has given me some ideas for new garden beds. Yes, this would mean more weeding, but less mowing.

Love, love, love the flowers. I need to add more climbing vines! The patio isn't bad, either.
Love this porch. The lavender, not so much.
Ahh, a pergola. I've been dreaming of one of these for a while.

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