Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sometimes something happens that makes you take a step back and realize how lucky you are and how precious life is. This has been one of those weeks.

Last week, there was a big Texas welcome for little Avery Ann, my friend Nikki's new daughter. I can't wait to meet her -- and to see Nikki, who I haven't seen in about three years. I am very happy that August 10 can now be associated with a happy event (read the Ten Years Later blog).

At the same time Avery Ann was born, one of my Minnesota friends (another who I haven't seen in years) underwent successful surgery to remove a brain tumor. The tumor is not only benign, but is also one that rarely re-occurs. God definitely knows who Laura G. is if all the prayers that went up are any indication. I'm happy that she's on the mend with her family by her side. And Laura, if you read this, I really really wish I could make it to your celebratory party that I'm sure is on the horizon.

Yet, while marveling about these two ladies, I'm sad for my Minnesota friends, the Wilking family. The world has lost a great horseman in Jerry Wilking. Godspeed to Jerry -- and I know he is enjoying himself up at the big horse auction in the sky.

Joy and sorrow, all in the space of one short week. Life is precious, and there are things more important than brawls at horse shows and lively discussions about the old -- oops, I mean new! -- Vikings quarterback. But those are topics more suited for a "What were they thinking?" blog.

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